Fighting Soldier Womens Plus Size Costume


In this exclusive Fighting Soldier Womens Plus Size Costume the enemy stands no change against you. In your camouflage pants, black vest, and skull face bandana, people would be ill-advised to test your fighting abilities. Available in 1X and 2X.

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Lock and load soldier! It’s time to make this grand old country great again, and we’re not talking about stinky old politics or voting for the next president. We’re talking about blowing the bad guys up with extreme discrimination (you know, like in all those cool 80’s movies). We’re talking about going full commando on the battlefield. We’re talking about superior firepower, mixed with Navy SEAL style know how and crazy martial arts moves in between. We’re talking camouflage. Lots of camouflage. Think you’re up to the task? Well then, we suggest you get suited up for the mission…Our costume designers looked into combat outfits in every video game they could get their hands on to get the perfect look for an aspiring female operative and this plus size Fighting Soldier costume is the final product of their intensive research. The plus size military-style costume includes everything you need to look like the toughest girl to enter the battle zone. The shirt and vest combo create the look of a battle ready soldier, while the camouflage pants look like something straight from the Army. The costume also comes complete with a belt, holster, gloves, fingerless gloves and a pair of knee pads, all to help you cultivate your combat-ready style. The finishing touch to the costume is the skull face mask, which lets the bad guys know that you mean business!

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