Fatal Crest Keyblade


You’ve completed the Goddess of Fate Cup and got your Fatal Crest Keyblade! Now the true challenge begins…where do you go collect the best Halloween candy?!

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A Magical FinisherSome think that once you’ve already claimed victory in the Underworld, there’s no other way to shine. Of course, anyone who has been chasing after the mysteries of Kingdom Hearts knows that there is always something new to do. Just make sure you are properly equipped and you can win the day. Product Details Be sure that your magic stat is capped as high as it can go when you add this Fatal Crest Keyblade prop to your Kingdom Hearts costume. This foam weapon is layered with firm plastic and designed to look like you summoned it right out of the classic video game. The skeletal dragon look of this Keyblad couldn’t be acquired without facing down Hades himself, but now it can be yours in a snap! Hop into Wisdom Form and win the day with your most powerful spell… because you know Donald is going to take forever! 

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