Fanny Pack Harry Potter Slytherin


Shrouded in mystery, you can carry your house objects in this Harry Potter Slytherin Fanny Pack. The Dark Lord will be pleased.

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For EveryoneSlytherin’s reputation has always frustrated you. Sure, some of the stories are true, but Gryffindor isn’t perfect either! And, while there are plenty of cunning, self-involved characters in your house, most of you are in it for each other. When one Slytherin is in a sticky situation, there’s always someone to help them out. If your roommate needs to repair something that isn’t theirs, you gladly help them sneak it into the dorm for fixing. You’re always ready to lend a hand, especially if it puts you in the limelight.Product DetailsKeep up the good work with this Harry Potter Slytherin Fanny Pack! This officially licensed bag accomplishes a few things for you. In the spirit of fraternity, you have your house colors on display as well as plenty of space for carrying your and your classmates’ essentials. Whether you’re sneaking sweets from the kitchens to share with your fellow Slytherins or just keeping valuables safe, this is the bag for you!Slytherin SupportGet ahead of the game with this supportive accessory! Whether you’ve offered or been selected to carry your and your friends’ stuff, or you need a clever way to prepare for anything, this Harry Potter Slytherin Fanny Pack is a must-have!

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