Fanny Pack Harry Potter Ravenclaw


Carry your stuff in style with this Harry Potter Ravenclaw Fanny Pack. You can walk the halls of Hogwarts showing your house pride.

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Ravenclaw RaveThe secret about Ravenclaws is they know how to unwind after a strenuous school term. The eccentric bunch may hit the books hard and keep their feet firmly planted on the ground from September to June but come July, their heads are way up in the clouds. Rightly so, a Ravenclaw student deserves a break from their assumed inventiveness and genius status. And if you ask any Ravenclaw, they’ll tell you a music festival is the best medicine. Of course, they’ll also advise you properly prepare to let loose!Product DetailsWhether you’re heading to a rave or back to the library, this Harry Potter Ravenclaw Fanny Pack is a must-have! With 2 zippered pockets on the 11-inch by 5-inch pouch and an adjustable belt-strap, you’ll have a safe way to keep the essentials close at hand. Featuring an all-over print of the Ravenclaw eagle and house colors, you’ll be proud to wear this bag with your school or festival wardrobe.Eccentric and VersatileMaybe you don’t need festival gear. Maybe you just want something more unique than the backpack you’ve been lugging around each school year. Cover all your bases with this officially licensed Ravenclaw Fanny Pack! You’re sure to make a statement in fashion and practicality wherever you go with this accessory!

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