Evil Eye Light Up Mask


Look like an evil monster with this Evil Eye Light Up Mask. This spooky and creepy Halloween mask is the perfect quick and easy way to scare the streets on Halloween.

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Eye Spy Hey, listen, throughout history the Evil Eye was no joke. Ancient Egyptians wore amulets to protect against spells cast by someone with a bad temper and a lot of free time for magical mayhem. The Ancient Greeks were just as paranoid, putting protective charms on their drinking goblets. Even in colonial America, just being suspected of the Evil Eye could get you burned at the stake (but so could a lot of other things, like being suspected of witchcraft, liking the New England Patriots, or just having a good time). Nowadays, though, we know that the Evil Eye is just a hoax – what’s that? Did you feel something like an icy tingle on the back of your neck? Why is that stranger glaring at us? …we’re doomed, aren’t we. Product Details You’ll be a different kind of eye candy in this unique and playful Evil Eye Light Up Mask! The mask’s veiny orange and yellow eyeball covers your entire face, with a viewing port in the perpendicular pupil. It can light up in the dark for an extra-chilling effect! Eye See YouEyes have power – just ask Renaissance painters or Sam and Frodo. Use yours to good effect! 

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