Evil Disney Queen Latex Mask Accessory


You can’t go out as the Queen to creep on Snow White! You need a disguise! We have just the thing with this Disney Evil Queen Latex Mask Accessory. There’s no way she’ll recognize you!

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Mistress of DisguiseWe know that the Evil Queen is… well, evil. But we can’t help but think that she would be fun to hang out with. She’s a dignified royal who spends her free time creating magic spells and potions in her private laboratory. As long as you didn’t make her jealous, we bet hanging out in that tower would be a blast. You could get her to ask her magic mirror all sorts of questions, try out her non-poisonous potions, and watch as she transformed herself into different disguises. Snow White might know how to make good pies and talk to woodland creatures, but we’d rather spend a Friday night with her stepmom!Product DetailsYou don’t have to have access to a tower laboratory to transform into one of the Evil Queen’s most successful disguises. All you need is this mask. It looks like it’s straight out of the 1938 Snow White animated film. Frozen in a devilish grin, the face flaunts one tooth, greedy bulging eyes, and a hooked nose. The wicked face is framed by long white hair and a black hood. Want to make this mask into a costume? Pair it with a black robe and a basket of apples and you’ll be ready to regain your fairest of them all title once and for all!

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