Elven Sword Accessory


Wield the sword of the immortal Elves from Middle-Earth. This broad double-edged Elven Sword Accessory, is perfect for those Lord of the Rings costumes.

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The Elegance of ElvesHave you seen a dwarven weapon? They’re crude, heavy, and look a little like something out of a horror movie. Elven weapons on the other hand? They’re simple, elegant, and highly effective when you have to head into battle against a horde of orcs. The elves know that their work with weapons is top notch and we suspect that it’s one of the reasons why so many elves have such a self-righteous attitude!Well, the good news is that you don’t have to barter with any elves to get your hands on an elven blade. Just add this Elven Sword to your order and you’ll be the proud owner of a sleek blade, perfect for your next skirmish with orcs and goblins.Product DetailsThis toy sword recreates the style of an elven blade, like the ones seen in the Lord of the Rings movies. It features a rigid core that’s surrounded with foam for a solid, yet soft design. The exterior has a metallic paint scheme and a gold handle. Just add it to your Legolas cosplay to complete your transformation into the ultimate elf ranger! You can even get two for some dual-wielding action!

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