Eggo Waffle: Purse


L’eggo my Eggo! If you love waffles, you will love this Eggo Waffle Purse. Plus, it would go well with your Stranger Things costume.

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Creep Back the CreepsThere’s something particularly strange about other dimensions. We hear that there is a realm where folks have an active disdain for breakfast food. We don’t know what’s going on in this upside-down land where the global love for waffles and pancakes is not recognized, but we are sure that the residents are all monsters. Fortunately, there are ways to use that delightful weakness to keep yourself safe while also showing off your inner love for the sweet and savory treats of the blessed morning… and keep them with you all day long! Design & DetailsBring home the glory of the Eggo Waffle forever when you have this Eggo Purse! This is a simple handbag with bright yellow straps and a design that looks like a crispy Eggo ready to delight you early in the morning. The syrup and butter are just designs, but boy does it look delicious enough to taste! Fortunately, your contents are kept safe and cool in this eccentric and famous design. Cancel the Crepes, Too!We’re not sure how we feel about the dimension where they only love the thin pancakes. They may be allies, but we’re still completely on board with Team Eggo with this purse! 

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