Dumb and Dumber Orange Tuxedo Top Hat


Dress up your tuxedo with this Dumb and Dumber Orange Tuxedo Top Hat. This top hat is the perfect accessory to help complete your look as Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

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Put Out the VibeWhen it’s all on the line and you need to make a good impression, what do you wear? Do you want our advice? Don’t be a wallflower in yet another boring black suit…it’s time to put out the VIBE! Opt for this Dumb and Dumber Orange Tuxedo Top Hat. After all, this is what Lloyd would do, and when is he ever wrong? Ok, so, um…you don’t have to be JUST like Lloyd. We don’t recommend that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like him and make an impression!Product DetailsThis classic top hat style is anything but classic. The bright tangerine hue and satin tuxedo ribbon make this topper a total statement piece. Just pair it with your orange ruffled tuxedo for a complete Lloyd transformation, or mix it up and wear it with a funky printed button-down for a more casual affair. Don’t Let the Party DieThe great thing about this citrus-hued hat? The party only truly starts when you walk in wearing it! Just make sure if you pop a bottle of champagne that there’s no wildlife in the vicinity. Remember, you don’t have to do everything like Lloyd when you’re wearing it!

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