Dragon Ball Z Child Piccolo Costume


This Dragon Ball Z child Piccolo costume is an exclusive costume you’ll only find here. It’s also available in adult sizes.

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In the strange and mystical universe of Dragon Ball, powerful warriors train and seek to find the mystical orbs that, when collected, will conjure forth the Great Dragon and grant the ultimate wishes to those who have worked so hard. You’d think that such a quest would be enough, but there are many in the universe that find the powerful warriors and planet on which they reside far interesting enough to come and upset the status quo even without trying to find the precious balls!Fortunately, the world is protected by not only the kindly Saiyan, Goku, and his family and trusted friends, but also a few other enigmatic beings. They, of course, haven’t always seen eye to eye. How can a vivid green warrior who is constantly seen as being a wicked force be expected to sit idly next to the childishly happy Goku and simply let bygones go by! The Namekian, Piccolo is often in isolation, training and meditating, walking around in his cape that weighs more than most people, ever prepared to prove himself as the greatest of warrior monks. Of course, he did lighten up quite a bit when the son of his once enemy came to study under him. Seeing wisdom and kindness, Piccolo finally had his own little one to tutor.And now you must send your tyke to follow in his footsteps… even when he’s levitating. It will be easier than expected with this officially licensed Dragon Ball Z Child Piccolo costume. The purple jumpsuit has elastic in the legs and ankles and bright red cuffs at the end of its green sleeves. The cape ties at the neck and, fortunately, does not come equipped with the indomitable weight! The foam collar and cowl make for Piccolo’s own unique style and the matching turban ties on the head in the back. Now, just work on that power acquisition and you’ll be able to take down even the weird monster Bu!

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