Dragon Ball Super Green Scouter Headset


Gather information for interstellar communication just like the Tuffles in Dragon Ball Z with the Dragon Ball Super Green Scouter Headset. It’s over 9000!

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Charging UpFinding opponents to fight has never been Vegeta’s problem, but it was never as easy to find opponents that actually matched his strength. He got so tired of fighting the same, boring, easy battles over and over that he finally had to develop a way to tell if opponents were tough before he actually went toe-to-toe with them. There is no point getting excited for a lame fight, after all!That is why he came to us here at Halloweencostumes.com. We worked together and created this Dragon Ball Super Green Scouter so that he could scour entire planets with ease! Nowadays he doesn’t waste his time with the chumps, he only gets amped for a fight if the opponent has a power level that is over nine thousand!Just SaiyanIf you also need to find out how the people around you rate in terms of power level, then you will love having this Dragon Ball Super Green Scouter. The plastic headband will cinch securely but comfortably over your head, holding the readout at a good distance from your eye. The targeting reticle on the readout will make you feel like you are taking stock of those around you, which will add tons of believability when you exclaim that their power level is impossible! No one could have a power level that high!

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