Dr. Seuss Horton Adult Plus Size Costume


Enjoy dressing up as the Dr. Seuss character, Horton, when you get this exclusive Dr. Seuss Horton Adult Plus Size Costume. This Dr. Seuss Horton Adult Plus Size Costume will be a crowd favorite among your Dr. Seuss lovin’ friends!

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Planetary GuardianThey say that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And that’s pretty important, too, because some folks are so teeny-tiny that they need somebody larger than life to help keep them safe. While we humans may look up to the stars in hope that a mysterious alien or galactic superhero might be there to shield us from danger, it turns out that sometimes there are miniature cities floating along on tiny specs who need a hand as well! Fortunately for them, a savior would appear in the most unlikely of forms. Of course, if you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss, you already know exactly who this kindly hero of Whos might be! Horton has been busy for quite a while, keeping his friendly friends safe from trouble and now it is your turn to help! Design & Details Step into the role of a lifetime when you bring the elephantastic character from Dr. Seuss fame into the real world with this officially licensed Dr. Seuss Plus Size Horton costume for adults. This comfy jumpsuit is a gray-blue fabric that will give you the animated elephant look you’ve been looking for. A tail with a fuzzy puff is sewn to the back and you’ll be hearing every who out there with the giant ears attached to the Horton headpiece. Big eyes, a tuft of hair, and a long trunk holding the pink fluffy ‘flower’ complete this classic costume. Just make sure you are doing your duty and protecting the little Whos! (We highly recommend avoiding any angsty kangaroos along the way.) 

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