Dr. Seuss Grinch Adult Plus Open Face Costume


This Dr. Seuss Grinch Adult Plus Open Face Costume makes it harder to steal Christmas. Everyone will be on the lookout for you. Steal Christmas once shame on you, steal Christmas twice, well good luck your mugshot is everywhere.

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Keep a Look Out!You’d think that living at the peak of a mountain would give you the perfect vantage point to see all that is going on. It turns out, though, that you need quite the cozy pelt of fur to really handle all that upper atmosphere living. Who knew that all the fuzz could also impair your sight!? When it starts curling over your brow, suddenly it looks like the whole village down below went about decorating their rooves with a downy coat of gangly green. That hardly seems correct! So, what is a Grinch to do when he wants to figure out a plot but needs a clear path to success!? Design & Details Fear not, friendly Grinch, for we have exactly what you’re looking for in this officially licensed Dr. Seuss Grinch Plus Size Open Face costume for adults! Naturally, this jumpsuit starts with slipping your tootsies into the bottoms and strapping the footies under your shoes. Slip your arms into the rich, green fuzz and zip your costume up the back. Finally, pull the hood up over your head and feel the topknot of faux hair at the top. With no mask in the way, you have the whole Grinch look ready and clear days (and nights) ahead of you! (Of course, you can also add one of our Grinch Masks to add to your transformation when you’re ready for picture time.)

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