Disney Yzma Costume Hat and Collar Kit


Accessorize your costume perfectly this Halloween by adding this Emperor’s New Groove Yzma Costume Hat and Collar Kit. This pink collar fits securely around your neck and the hat helps to finish off the look in a dramatic way!

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Smash it With a HammerYou’ve been wondering how to deal with costume competition this Halloween. Poison isn’t an option. As much as you’d like to be the only one in the spotlight, you still want people to feel well enough to notice how awesome you look. The same issue goes for slipping a potion into everyone’s drink that will change everyone into a flea. No, the only option is slipping into an outfit that will thrill and delight everyone who lays eyes on you. Pair this Yzma set with the outfit of your choice to recreate the bold enchantress that we’ve all come to know and love!Product DetailsThis fully licensed Yzma kit from The Emperor’s New Groove is an easy way to transform yourself into one of the most powerful villains of the Incan Empire! The kit includes the tall, curving headpiece that makes Yzma stand out wherever she’s sneaking around. The face-framing collar has flared purple tulle for a dramatic first impression. Pair this set with a long black dress and some seriously intense eyelashes. Want to head out with a group? Check out the rest of our Emperor’s New Groove costumes to get the whole group back together again! 

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