Disney Steamboat Willie Headband


This isn’t just any Mickey Mouse headband. This is THE original headband. The Steamboat Willie Headband is perfect for any Mickey Mouse costume especially if you want to stand out.

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It All Started with a HatAdmit it. One glance at this hat and you heard Mickey Mouse whistling that iconic tune from 1928! That’s what happened when we first set eyes on it. It evokes the style of Walt Disney’s very first feature Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie. That classic cartoon introduced us to an everyman… or perhaps everymouse, that just does his best to overcome life’s troubles. Since then, he’s gone on to star in plenty of other cartoons, he’s made a ton of new friends, and he’s been the enduring symbol of Disney… and it all started with him wearing this simple, black and white hat!Product DetailsNow, you can carry on the legacy of the one and only Mickey Mouse by wearing this officially licensed hat! The Steamboat Willie Headband is designed to capture the vintage appearance of the original hat worn by Mickey in the animated short. It fits with a standard headband and has a tall, white hat on the top. It also features Mickey’s round ears on each side, so all you have to do is pair it up with your Mickey Mouse costume to look like him in his famous cartoon!

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