Disney Piglet Costume Companion from Winnie the Pooh


Complete your costume with this Winnie the Pooh Piglet Costume Companion. This item is perfect for all fans of Winnie the Pooh and it makes the perfect accessory for your costume.

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Two Hero PartyNot all heroes wear capes. Some wear pink stripes. Not only don’t they look like heroes, but they also don’t always behave as such. Like Piglet. He’s not going on solo rescue missions to save friends from a storm like Pooh. He’s stuttering—in writing—while sailing away on a rain-soaked chair. Even if Piglet had been safe from the flood, there was nothing he (or anyone) could do to stop the rising waters from wiping out Owl’s treehouse. But, while strength, bravery, or even flashy hero colors aren’t his thing, incomparable kindness is, and when it comes time to help his friends, he’d never refuse. So, go ahead and celebrate the obvious hero of the Hundred Acre Woods with a party for Pooh. But don’t forget to invite Piglet to the 2 hero party that honors his heroically kind heart!Product DetailsWhether reliving the fun of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day or just gearing up for a Hundred Acre Woods group costume, this WtP Piglet Costume Companion is a must-have! With this officially licensed costume backpack secured around your shoulders, you’ll have the look of hero Pooh while keeping an even greater hero for company. Ensure Piglet stays safe by adjusting the straps for comfort and fit. And prove Piglet’s heroism by storing the essentials in the zippered pocket located at his back.

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