Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Headband & Collar Set


Accessorize your costume with this Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Headband & Collar Set. This perfect piece even resembles Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas and the pumpkin lights up for added fun!

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Loyal Ever AfterSome dogs will follow you anywhere. They’ll stare at the bathroom door and wait when you’re taking a shower. They learn your schedule and are ready for walkies the moment you’re done with work or school. They might even follow you to work if they had the chance! Ghost pup, Zero took that loyalty to a whole new level. That’s right, he followed Jack to the afterlife where he plays fetch with bones and floats with the skeleton wherever he goes. He even takes his chances in Christmas Town! Do you want to pay tribute to one of the most loyal of pups, Zero? This delightful Zero set will add delight to any Halloween event!Costume DetailsThis fully licensed costume set includes Zero’s face that fits around your head with a headband and a collar that secures around the neck with a strip of hook and loop fastener. Zero has the long, wild ears that we all know and love from The Nightmare Before Christmas as well as a long curving nose that’s topped with a glowing jack-o-lantern run by a battery pack slipped into a pocket on one side of the headband. The perfect set to pair with Sally and Jack Skellington costumes, this adorable Zero set is perfect for all sorts of Halloween events!

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