Disney Forky Knit Costume Hat


Run around with Woody, Buzz, and the gang to get back to Bonnie in this Kid’s Disney Forky Knit Costume Hat. After all, you are Bonnies’ favorite toy!

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He’s Not a Toy!We can relate to Forky. He was created to be an eating utensil. That was his sole purpose in life, but when Bonnie turned him into a toy, his whole world view got turned upside down. He doesn’t know the first thing about being a toy! Well, he just does the best he can with this new predicament… and now, he’s going to have to do it again! This Kid’s Forky Knit Hat transforms the adorable Toy Story 4 character into a comfy hat that your child can wear. It’s officially licensed from the movie and doubles as both a warm hat to wear during winter, as well as a great start to your child’s Forky costume.Product DetailsThis comfy white hat captures many of the details from the movie and shapes them into a cozy hat for your child. The front of the hat has Forky’s face, googly eyes, and eyebrow on it. The top of the hat is shaped like Forky’s spork-like tines and the knit style ensures a snug fit. If your child wants to look like their favorite Toy Story 4 character while they keep warm, then this is the perfect hat for them!This is a Forky Knit Hat.

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