Disney Coco Miguel Toddler Costume


The Coco Boys Miguel Costume is the perfectly fun Disney themed costume! This costume will have your kiddo singing straight through from the Halloween holiday to Day of the Dead parties. Don’t forget Mama Imelda and Hector in your celebrations!

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A Proud Heart The Day of the Dead is all about celebrating the very best of your family and the season. That’s what little Miguel learned through his adventure with his skeletal family in the world of the dead. Of course, learning a few extra tunes was a pretty great benefit, too. He should feel pretty proud about those costuming skills, too. In fact, we had to take a few lessons from that sugar skull makeup and now we’re just as proud to present it for your own kiddo!Product DetailsCelebrate Halloween, the Day of the Dead, or fantastic movie fun when your kiddo dresses up in this officially licensed Miguel costume from Coco. The outfit begins with Miguel’s red shirt that fastens down the front and features printed boney images along the arms. Matching gloves and the plastic mask keeps up the disguise so the rest of the skeletons won’t try to snatch your toddler’s treats! Help your tyke be the cutest skeleton on the block for this Dia de Muertos! ?Esqueleto Especial!It takes a pretty special kid to be able to hop across the bridge of souls to visit their family in the beyond! Fortunately, this little Miguel costume can help your kiddo celebrate the Day of the Dead without actually being a skeleton. (They can hardly enjoy all those treats if they’re just bones, after all!) 

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