Disney Coco Men’s Adult Hector Deluxe Costume


With the Coco Men’s Hector Deluxe Costume you’ll look straight out of the movie, musical talent not included! This officially licensed Disney Coco costume will have you singing all the way from Halloween until Day of the Dead. Don’t forget Miguel and Mama

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The Music Lives OnMusic is one of life’s wonders. Whimsical tunes are passed down from generation to generation. Young couples proclaim their love to each other through song. And it’s something that you can pass on from generation to generation. Why, your grandson might even be humming a tune that you came up with after you’ve passed on to the afterlife!That’s something that Hector knows all about! The simple man with a guitar could inadvertently inspire generations. Now, you can share the gift of music with your family by wearing this Deluxe CoCo Hector Costume. It’s officially licensed from the Disney movie and will have you ready to sing your favorite songs with your friends and family!Product DetailsThis Coco Hector Costume brings you a look straight from the movie. The top features printed skeleton details to help you look more like the skeletal Hector Rivera! The purple vest adds a light splash of color to the outfit. The pants portion are striped, but have more skeleton printing along the bottom. Finally, the mask fits on your face with elastic to complete the look. Make sure you have a guitar handy, because wearing this costume will make you want to burst out into song!

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