Disney Aristocats Thomas O’Malley Kit


Complete your costume with this Aristocats Thomas O’Malley Kit. Create the full look as Thomas O’Malley by adding this accessory kit to your costume this Halloween.

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Playful KittyAristocats playtime came flying in out of left field. Needless to say, that made you a little late to the game—not unlike the big orange tom himself. Even so, when you walked into the living room and found the whole family singing along to the music and pretending they were each cool-cat, you felt left out. But, again, like Thomas O’Malley, you’ve got that joie de vivre, and there’s no way you aren’t joining Duchess and the kittens for some delightful Disney fun!Product DetailsEmbrace that feline swing with this officially licensed Thomas O’Malley Aristocats Kit. The simple and complete kit comes with all the accessories to get you looking and feeling just like the suave alley cat. Whether you pair the orange faux fur cat ears headband and tail with a matching orange outfit or stick to your favorite jeans and a casual top, you’ll be ready to practice biting, clawing, and a few more sophisticated cat-arts as well. Add the white collar with its attached green bow tie to elevate your look and fit right in with your family of fancy cats.Alley Cat PlansWhether you’re joining Duchess and the kittens for a magic carpet ride to Paris or looking for a clever cat disguise for Halloween, this easy-to-wear Thomas O’Malley Aristocats Kit will work for all of your alley cat plans!

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