Dilophosaurus Costume for Toddlers


Keep your distance from this Toddler’s Dilophosaurus Costume. Their poisonous spit will cause your skin to burn, just like Dennis Nedry when he was trying to steal from Jurassic Park.

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Dino Good TimeThere are so many things to love about having a toddler around. There is the boundless joy they find in the smallest thrills. There are the cute songs, sweet stories, and fun outdoor adventures they take you on. And then there is the possibility that at any moment, they could throw a screaming tantrum and dump their entire lunch on the floor…ha! Got you there. That’s the not-so-fun part.But one of the best things about toddlerhood is watching them enjoy their very first Halloween! As you gear up for the season, it’s no question what your dino-obsessed kiddo is going to want to dress up as. This Toddler Diphosaurus Costume is here to captivate your tot’s wildest imagination and make their Halloween memories truly magical.  Design & DetailsCrafted right in our very own design studio, this exclusive kid’s look is so much fun to wear. It’s a back-zipped jumpsuit that boasts an allover dino-scale pattern, as well as a large stuffed tail sewn on the back. The mitts attach to the sleeves but they can flip back to allow your toddler full use of their hands, and the hood creates the Dilophosaurus’ eye-catching crested collar and fearsome facial details. There are even shoe covers to transform your tot’s feet!Joy To the Jurassic WorldOne look at this realistic costume and your kiddo will show you all that pure toddler joy and energy that makes them so special. And just wait until you watch them trick-or-treating in this cool costume — you’ll want to join dressed in your own dino costume! 

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