Deluxe Snow White Costume for Adults


Awake from your slumber and claim your love in this Deluxe Adult Snow White Costume. This Disney costume will have you feeling like the princess you are.

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The Original PrincessIn 1937, Walt Disney Studios released its first ever feature-length film, and it was about a princess. Who could have known that it was the beginning of a long chain of Disney Princesses, each with their own strengths and struggles? Our first princess deals with a wicked stepmother and finds solace in her woodland friends. Will she keep outwitting the evil Queen? Or will she succumb to one of her tricks? We all know the answer; nothing is stronger than true love’s kiss! Okay, okay, it’s a bit mushy and not very practical. But this is a fairy tale! Who doesn’t want a little magic in their life? Bring the fantastic into your reality with this Deluxe Adult Snow White Costume!Product DetailsThis silky polyester has all the details you remember from the classic film. Blue and red striped sleeves puff out from a blue bodice. Long, swishing yellow skirts, petticoat included, will have you dancing all night long. But those aren’t even the details! The foam-stiffened collar, the gold sequin trim down the front, the ruffles on the sleeves, the scarlet bow headband…THOSE are the little details that make this costume really shine. Add some gold shoes with bows to go full classic, or choose any red or yellow shoe! (Who doesn’t love a red heel, right?)No Need for a Wishing WellYour wish has come true! This is the perfect Snow White dress for all of your costuming needs. Work party? Snow White. Themed party with friends? Snow White. Helping children trick or treat for Halloween? Snow White is the perfect chaperone. Please note that this dress does not come with Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, or Sleepy. Maybe woodland creatures will follow you? Only the nice ones, of course. Start singing, Snow White, and enjoy your magical night!

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