Deluxe Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume for Women


Live out your favorite childhood fairy tale in this exclusive Deluxe Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume. Go out on an adventure, find your path and avoid any big bad wolves along the way.

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Off to Grandma’s House?Forget about being a helpless little girl on her way to Grandma’s. Be a fierce fairytale character who doesn’t need to be rescued! We all know how the story goes: Little Red Riding Hood gets accosted by a big bad wolf while venturing through the woods to get to her grandmother’s house. Well, we think it’s time for you to rewrite that story! Don’t let that nasty wolf pester you, stand up for yourself and fend off that mangy forest beast using some self-defense. You’ll go from being a damsel in distress to being a feisty damsel who knows how to use self-defense!When that wolf gets in your face, with his gross snarling lips and his slobbering tongue, use some brute force to make him step back. Yell, “back off,” and bop him in the nose with your basket full of cookies. If he’s still giving you grief, then karate chop him in the neck and dash off to grandma’s house! Of course, we just mean in pretend. Violence is never cool! But if the Big Bad Wolf knows what’s good for him he’ll stay out of your social media DM’s, that’s for sure.Product DetailsThis Deluxe Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costume will make you look like a strong storybook character who shouldn’t be messed with, especially by pesky wolves looking to nibble on some baked goods. You’ll look both powerful and pretty in a floor-length hooded cape with matching skirt. The ruffled shirt, decorative corset, and lace-up gauntlets will complete your look and turn you into a fierce fairy tale character that can hold her own!Deluxe Red Riding Hood CostumeThrow on the classic look, but leave that old attitude behind. This is a new Red, and she’s ready for anything that comes her way, including the Big Bad Wolf!

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