Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig


Christmas cheer is only a wig away! Deck your costume with a Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig! You’ll embody the spirit of the season with this jolly accessory.

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Good old Mrs. Claus. She puts up with living in the middle of nowhere, a husband who works from home 364 days a year, and all the racket that elves must make while they’re building billions of toys. Do you know the saying “Behind every great man is an even greater woman?” Well, if Santa can travel at the speed of light and knows what hundreds of millions of people are doing at any given time, we’d shudder to think of what kinds of amazing super powers his better half has!Our Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig is a high quality synthetic hairdo that’ll make everyone as pleased as punch to have you around. Match this piece up with some granny glasses and a comfy red dress and you’ll have the Christmas costume market cornered!

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