Deluxe Lion Plush Tail


Whether you are a friendly or a scary lion complete your lion costume with this Deluxe Lion Plush Tail. It may be tempting but you shouldn’t chase your own tail.

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If folks have been underestimating you, they need to take a step back, regroup, and reconsider. They don’t see what’s inside, all of that spirit, that fight, that, dare we say… ferocity. But ferocious is precisely the word we were looking for — it’s exactly what you are. You’re a hungry and wild beast and you get what you want. That’s what being a lion is all about. When you put on this tail, you’re not wearing a simple costume accessory. No, you’re freeing the beast within! Because you’re not someone to be pushed around or ignored. You’re a lion! More than that, you’re a wild man-eating lion, and you take no prisoners. Queue up “Welcome to the Jungle,” turn it up to full volume, and let loose because you’re about to roar!Don’t let anyone push you around, lion. Find your courageous, ferocious heart with this tail and roar your way through your life at full speed. You take down gazelles, you chase elephants. You’re a lion! Now let’s hear that roar! Now that we can hear that roar, let’s be honest, you’re looking for a simple last-minute Halloween costume, this Deluxe Lion Plush Tail will cure what ails you. It’s an all-polyester stuffed tail with faux fur. One size will fit most thank sto an adjustable elastic strap you can secure around your body. If anyone questions your lack of effort just remind them, once again that… you take down gazelles, you chase elephants. It’s not negotiable and your temper is short! You’re a lion!

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