Deluxe Lion Costume for Adults


Become the king of the entire jungle when you wear this Adult Deluxe Lion Costume! A fun animal costume for plays, Halloween, or whenever you just need to look like a lion!

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Inner FerocitiesDo you ever feel it? You know, that intense urge to let out a ferocious roar that shakes the very animal kingdom? It’s something we feel pretty regularly! We all have a fierce savannah cat lurking beneath the surface. Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult to find the opportunity to embrace that lion’s spirit. You can’t go around roaring like a wild beast at the grocery store and you might not want to try chasing after cars like they’re a herd of zebra. The right time to indulge in your inner lion is during costume parties, while wearing this Adult Deluxe Lion Costume, of course!That’s right, when you show up to a costume party wearing this Made by Us costume, not only will it be socially acceptable for you to roar at everyone… it’ll be expected! The fuzzy costume does a great job of making you look and feel like the wild kitty cat.Design & DetailsOur costume designers wanted to craft a costume that can help you unleash your inner jungle cat! This lion costume is what they came up with. The costume comes with an ultra-cozy jumpsuit that’s made out of soft, fleece material. It jumpsuit fits with a simple zipper in the back and it also features faux fur around the collar. The shoe covers and mittens are both shaped like lion paws and the whole costume is rounded out with the headpiece. The soft headpiece fits with a fastener in back and it features a full lion’s mane to help you completely transform into a lion! It comes together for a look that’s as comfy as it is ferocious!The RoarIf you’ve been keeping a ferocious lion’s roar locked inside of you, then it’s about time to get it out by wearing this comfy lion costume! You’ll be king of the pride in no time.

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