Deluxe Latex Horse Mask


The deluxe latex horse mask turns you into a creature stranger than a marmot. It also lets you live out your dream of being a reverse centaur.

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Ever heard of a reverse centaur? It’s the mythical animal with the face of a horse and the body of a man. It has been said that their magical powers are second to only the liger and the marmot! They’re also considered very attractive to the opposite sex (and to others who aren’t even a part of their species) and a coveted part of any infantry!Don’t take our word for it, though: Wear this Deluxe Latex Horse Mask with your next Halloween costume and see how magical it makes you feel! Made of brown molded latex, this is a full face and head mask in the same of a horse head! It also features a synthetic brown horse hair mane in the back of the head for that mystical horse hair realness type’a look! So slip this on for your next Halloween or costume party and get ready for a mythical, legendary time! (Warning: mask does not actually grant magical powers at this junction in time.)

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