Deluxe Jewel Cigarette Holder


A classic way to round out your Flapper costume is with this Deluxe Jewel Cigarette Holder! It’s bejeweled glamour will add some high style to your 1920s look!

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“Hello, dahling. Could you spare a light?” That’s you ensnare your prey. You’re a glamorous double-agent, a free spirit, an iconoclastic writer, or a foppish dandy. Everything about you screams luxury––your diamond necklace, your little black dress, your fur stole, your leopard-skin pillbox hat, and, of course, your Deluxe Jewel Cigarette Holder.Whether you’re a working-girl flapper or a completely glamorous countess, everything on you has to be sparkly, glitzy, bedazzled, or full of fringe. That’s why you need this Deluxe Jewel Cigarette Holder if you plan on smoking. What else are you going to do, touch a cigarette with your hands? How gauche! This rhinestone cigarette holder makes the perfect finishing touch for any chic sophisticate.Tailor-made for impersonating classy mid-century personages like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Hunter S. Thompson, Ian Fleming, and FDR, this cigarette holder connotes a more refined era when smoking was elegant, fashionable, and allowed everywhere.

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