Deluxe Harry Potter Kid’s Costume


Become the wizard of wizards and learn to wield the mystery of magic in this Kid’s Deluxe Harry Potter Costume! Save the day from you-know-who with the Deluxe Harry Potter Kid’s Costume!

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Welcome to GryffindorAfter watching the Harry Potter films, every child wants to be sorted into Gryffindor! After all, learning about magical spells and fantastic beasts seems like a way better use of school time than learning about geometry. Of course, few children ever get the opportunity. It’s not every day that an owl shows up on your doorstep carrying an official letter of acceptance from Hogwarts, but maybe your child doesn’t have to wait for that letter!Yes, perhaps it’s time to dress your child up as the wizard that they’ve always wanted to be! You can have them all prepped for wizard school before the letter even comes. All you need is this Deluxe Harry Potter Costume for kids. The officially licensed costume captures the outfit from the films perfectly!Design & DetailsInspired by the Hogwarts uniform worn by Harry Potter, this costume comes with everything your child needs to feel like an official wizard-in-training. The costume comes with a black robe with a maroon lining, the signature piece of any Gryffindor students attire. It fits with a button and loop fastener at the neck and it even has an oversized hood in back. The sweater is a soft knit sweater with a v-neck and has a Gryffindor crest on the chest. The shirt front has a collar and features a button up front. Finally, the tie fits in the collar and has the burgundy and gold colors of the Hogwarts House. Put it all together and your child will be ready for their first day of charms class!

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