Deluxe Harry Potter Adult Plus Size Slytherin Robe Costume


Be whisked in to the world of wizards when you wear this Deluxe Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Slytherin Robe this Halloween. This robe features the Slytherin house badge and green accents.

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Marauders With AmbitionThe 1970s brought the Marauders to Hogwarts. Now, certain instructors would have much preferred that such a fate never came to be, no doubt. (A certain squib groundskeeper and a young half-blood prince, especially.) But, their mischief-making and (at least initially) loyal friendship would ensure a lasting legacy. Still, all things end. And, even better, as famous wizards fly through the pages of the Daily Prophet, new heroes arise.Hogwarts might soon forget the exploits of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and even both of the Potters when the new Hogwarts Heroes make your names known. Formed from each of the great Houses, not only will you have all that Gryffindor gusto, but you’ll have the nuanced and ambitious talents of House Slytherin (and those other two) to help bring true fame… not to mention a handful of your pilfered spells from the restricted sections of the library!Product DetailsIt is time to call on some truly ambitious magic that will turn your Hogwarts Heroes into legends! Of course, you need to look the part. While the rest of the Slytherin wizards are garbed in their standard green, you want yours to gleam. We can make that happen with this officially licensed Deluxe Slytherin Robe. This is a black robe of velour fabric that features satin trim and lining in the hood. (The elegance here might make Madam Malkin just a hair jealous.) The iconic Slytherin crest is embroidered over your heart to complete this robe’s magic. Finish off with your favorite wizarding world accessories for a seriously ambitious look.Hogwarts HeroesGarbed in your deluxe Slytherin Robe, true power awaits! Practice your confident chuckle for when you get beyond the simple wards Irma Pince thought would bar you, then team up with the rest of your Hogwarts Quartet. You’ll have your mischief managed in no time!

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