Deluxe Black Cat Kit


Pair this deluxe black cat costume kit with your favorite black outfit for a quick and easy look this Halloween!

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Rawr!Mom always said, if you’re gonna be a cat, be the best darn cat you can be. And if you’re gonna be a black cat… well you better make sure you have a black tail! Naturally, the easiest and best way to become the tip top black cat you’ve always wanted to be would be by using this deluxe black cat kit to complete your costume look.This furry kit is comprised of a headband, fingerless gloves and a tail. Luxurious long pile black fur will transform you into a serious kitty that has some serious style. Tall cat ears are attached to a plastic headband, and fingerless gloves have white paw pads. Just grab a safety pin to attach the tail and you’ll be a frisky feline for sure!Use this costume set with a black jumpsuit for an easy costume, or use it to spice up your everyday clothes with a little dark kitty style. Whether for Halloween, or for dress up fun, we’re sure wherever you use this set you’re going to feel like showing your claws!

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