Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Girls Costume


Transform your child into a captivating vampiress in this exclusive Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Girls Costume. This costume features a burgundy velvet collared jacket with a black floor length skirt.

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You’ve had a lot of dreams for your daughter. As she grew from a baby to child and more aspects of her personality emerged you found your hope growing and changing from day by day, just as she seemed to. One thing hasn’t changed, when you saw those big eyes open for the first time you know she would be good at whatever she ended up doing. Something’s been happening in the last few weeks. For one, your child who used to be a sun chaser seems to have become a night owl. So much for that dream of your daughter becoming a surfer, though that dream was pretty far-fetched anyway. Another thing, she seems to have gone through a fashion revolution. You’re not sure where she’s getting all this velvet but all her t-shirts and jeans are just gathering dust in her closet. She even raided the attic to raid her great grandma’s hat boxes, she looks surprisingly chic in a black net veil! Even her taste buds are different, while she used to love a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, now she can’t stand garlic. She’s happiest with a steak that’s just barely even looked at the grill. Rare steak is a strange thing for a kid to like, right? Well, it’s time to face the music. You don’t know that there’s any turning back from your child’s new vampire lifestyle so you’d better just lean in. You two can bond over this velvet jacket with a high collar, lace-edged sleeves, and a dramatic hemline, and she’ll love the skirt as she’s briskly walking in the dreary Halloween night. After all, if she’s going to be a vampire, you know she’s going to be a good one!

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