Dead by Daylight Kids Viper Face Costume


If your child’s favorite new video game is Dead by Daylight, this Dead by Daylight Viper Face Costume for Kids make the perfect costume choice this Halloween!

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Nowhere to Hide Your prey is near. You can sense it. Your mask is frozen in an eerie grin, but underneath, your real smile is nearly as wide. Four possible targets hide inside houses and behind hedges, breathing as quietly as they can. It doesn’t matter that they can run faster than you, because you have the advantage of time on your side. They have to find and repair five generators, all while avoiding the unseen killer. All you have to do is wait for one little mistake, and then – gotcha! Fortunately, this is all just a game – something fun to do with your friends. It’s the same reason you like horror movies. But as long as it’s all pretend, the thrill of the chase is unbeatable! Product Details Put on a fearsome alter ego with this officially licensed Dead by Daylight Viper Face Costume for Kids! When you slip on the rusty red robe, you transform into a terrifying force! The long-sleeved robe has a slashed and jagged hem that shows stains and holes from desperate struggles (all won by you, of course). A stand-up collar adds drama and a wide black belt with a silver-colored buckle provides the perfect place to stash your weapon of choice when it’s not in use. The sleeveless red vest has an attached hood that can cover any part of your head that isn’t concealed by the skull-like mask. Wrist-length black gloves complete the costume. Feel the Chill They know you’re closing in and they panick, bolting for cover. Running – your worst enemy! If only you could go a little faster. Never mind – the Viper always catches up, and in the meantime, he makes a slow walk look REALLY cool. 

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