DC Comics Harley Quinn Cosplay Leggings


The queen of the hammer and creator of all things chaotic with the Crown Prince of Crime comes the DC Comics Harley Quinn Cosplay Leggings. Make sure you are always ready to go out on the town.

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No More Clowning AroundRunning up to the bank vault, you slam your oversized hammer into the vault door with a loud clang! The dent you left behind would not be remarkable, except that you managed to damage the high-grade steel with a hand tool. Looking behind you with a smile, you laugh with sincere delight as the joker brings up a goon squad with explosives.After they have set the charges, you skip out of the building and across the street to watch the show! Waiting for the Caped Crusader to arrive is such a boring part of the job, but you are thankful that you have the company of Mr. J and a wonderful light show ahead! Sometimes it even brings a tear to your eye. What a blessed life.Looking Crazy GoodWhile we don’t recommend that you partake in any of the antics of Gotham’s favorite villain, these DC Comics Harley Quinn Cosplay Leggings will give you all her looks. These movie-accurate leggings have the black and red pattern with the diamonds as well, as the zippers and other details, that made Harley’s look so great. These leggings are both comfortable and flattering, so you will be happy wearing them all day and night, even if you are running from Batman and Robin!

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