Dazzling Flapper Costume for Kids


This Child Dazzling Flapper Costume for girls is an exclusive design featuring a vintage style lace detail.

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Is she ready to zip herself back through time to the roaring twenties? Is she ready to do it with impeccable style? With dazzling impeccable style? She can have a throwback look worthy enough of any time traveling trip when she goes in this child Dazzling Flapper costume! This HalloweenCostumes.com exclusive flapper dress costume has the details that will make any girl feel ready to give the passcode that will let her slip into the speakeasy, or give her the gumption to grab a Tommy Gun and go on a crime-spree with the local gangster syndicate.This costume dress will be just the elegant style that she needs for Halloween or for her big throwback party. The tank style dress top has an appliqued black floral overlay over a cream bodice. With an attached ruffled tulle skirt, she’ll have no hesitations about jumping out on the dance floor to dance the Charleston. This exclusive costume is designed and made by us, and comes with the attention to detail that only serious costume masterminds can bring to life.Whether you’ve got a time machine rarin’ to go, or just have a throwback party planned, this costume will give her the chops to become a Dazzling Flapper of the 1920s. We’re sure she’ll be ready to give all the folks at your party a lesson on dazzle when she goes in this exclusive costume!

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