Dark Red Creepy Clown Wig


This Dark Red Creepy Clown Wig allows you to finish off your clown costume in great style this Halloween. It is a quirky, fun addition that’s perfect for a special clown look.

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Big Trouble under the Big TopThere’s a lot of danger in mislabeling clowns. You might not think it’s a big deal but the clowns in your community would certainly take offense. For instance, you wouldn’t want to mix up a rodeo clown and a classic French mime. If you assumed mimes rode in tiny little cars with ten other mimes you would get some seriously yet weirdly silent gestures thrown your way. That being said, there’s no way that you’d want to mistake this clown for one who doesn’t have violent ideas in her head. She might also be into juggling, cartwheels, and pantomime but the main act is something you’re going to want to flee from!Product DetailsThis is not your run-of-the-mill red curly wig. The curls make a wide and angular shape. The hairstyle has straight bangs and curls that fall around your face, framing a face that we’re guessing is baring a semi-psychotic expression!And for the second act. . . Once you’ve got this wig, what you do with your character is up to you. Dress up for Halloween or make that haunted walk unbearably spooky. Pull out all the stops and paint your face. When you’re wearing this wig, there’s no mistaking what kind of clown you are. 

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