Dapper Gangster Costume Kit


The Dapper Gangster Costume Kit will have you looking like a real gangster with minimal effort this Halloween!

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Slip Into the TwentiesTime travel isn’t really possible at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t punch your way into the Roaring ’20s with relative ease. It doesn’t even have to require an intense set of new clothes to ensure that you’ll fit in. The ’20s are all about the details, after all, so if you’ve got a confident stare and maybe a few accessories that make the mark, you’re ready to join the gangs of New York, Boston, Chicago, and the like. Design & DetailsDon’t wait to be invited to join the family. Become the Don of your city with ease thanks to this Made by Us collection of Gangster Accessories. The 1920s hat features a black, satin ribbon that contrasts with style with the pair of white suspenders, the satin tie, and a pair of PVC vinyl spats to wear over your shoes. And All That JazzMaking sure that you look the part of the gangster can be tough. But, with this Dapper Gangster Kit, you’ve got the whole tommy gun style with no effort. That leaves you all the time you need to rise up the ranks! 

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