Curly Enchanted Lagoon Wig


Need the perfect finishing touch to you mermaid or fairy costume? We have you covered with our Curly Enchanted Lagoon Wig. This wig features long flowing length, with an aquamarine color to really set your costume apart from the rest.

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Mystery IslandsHave you ever wondered what kinds of secrets are hiding in the vast oceans of our world? There are many islands that people have avoided for hundreds of years, for one reason or another. The island chain, Palmyra Atoll south of Hawaii is feared as sailors who have docked there are overcome with a sense of panic and dread. And there is an island near Russia called Barsa-Kelmes or the island of no return, where those that visit for a year came home looking as if they had stayed away for decades. While scientists might look for natural causes, we like to think these islands are hiding all that magic we were promised when we were young! If we closely inspect these mystery islands, we’re sure we’d find a colony of mermaids and sea witches hidden away from the world!Design & DetailsOur in-house creative team designed this Made By Us wig with an extra flair of drama. The teal tresses gently spiral and fall long past your shoulders. Whether you use this wig to dress up as a mermaid, fairy, or elegant swamp witch, there is no denying it’s magical appeal! Now all you gotta do is get a ride to one of those mystery islands to gain some real nautical magic powers!

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