Cuphead Felt Character Head


Bring your favorite video game character to life with this Cuphead Felt Character Head! For a duos costume idea, have a friend dress as Mugman and the two of you can go defending the world from demons on Halloween night.

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Cuphead QuestioningYeah, he has a cup for a head. That’s why they call him Cuphead. But have you ever thought about what sort of difficulties a guy like that might encounter in his daily life having a cup for a head? If he tips his head a little bit too far forward, does fluid come spilling out of his head? What happens if the liquid spills out of his head? Does he immediately perish? Does he need to refill it? What does he put in there? Gosh, we just have so many questions for the little video game character.Well, the good news is that you don’t need to worry about any of those questions when you cosplay as Cuphead. All you need is this easy to use mask and a strong love of video games.Product DetailsThis officially licensed mask is designed to make your head look like the character from the video game. It’s made out of a felt material and has plenty of appliqued details on the front, including a pair of large cartoonish eyes, a smiling mouth, and a little red nose. It also has a red and white straw coming out of the top. Finally, mesh eye holes allow for vision while wearing.No Dealing with the DevilWhen you place this quick and easy mask on your head, you’ll instantly look like Cuphead! Just don’t go making any deals with the Devil when you wear it!

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