Crimson Cupid Costume for Women


Dress up in this Women’s Crimson Cupid Costume and create a love for anyone you shoot with your heart arrow. This costume is featuring red wings to complete the cupid look.

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Let Love InIt was mid-winter. The weather was miserable, wet, slushy. Even the youngest and flirtiest were curled up on the couch, in the gray light of the television. The subject of love was far out of the minds of the frozen, tired earthlings.Far away, deep in the pink cotton candy clouds of heaven, Cupid’s alarm was going off. She woke up, stretched, took a quick glitter shower, and flew down to earth to start her hunt for lonely hearts and forgotten love interests! She took her first shot and a twenty-two year old shook herself from her fourth hour of bingeing House Hunters, unglued herself from the couch, and went for a walk in the snow. There, she slid into her soul mate for a rom-com worthy meet-cute! Cupid smiled as she readied her next arrow. This season of love was going to be great!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us Cupid costume is the perfect look for Valentine’s Day, dress-up parties, and Halloween night! The flattering ivory mini dress has a deep v-neck and a twirl-worthy skirt. The top is cinched around the bodice with a red pleather halter that holds your heart-print wings in place. Topped off with an edgy red choker, this Cupid costume is ready to spread a little love as soon as it arrives at your door!Devine DeliveriesIt’s so nice to be able to order all sorts of must-haves from groceries to costumes. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to order true love for next day delivery? While Cupid is the original love delivery service, no one can tell this deity where or when to let that famous arrow loose. Ready for some serious romance power? Slip into this dress and you’ll be ready to let your arrow fly!

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