Creepy Clown Wig


Accessorize your horrifying clown costume with the Red Creepy Clown Wig. This wig is the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween costume for this season.

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On Second thought, Cancel the SheepWe’re deep into Halloween season. We’ve been looking through thousands of costumes. We’ve done the werewolves, the mermaids, the sailors, and the witches. But now, well, now we’ve got to go through the clown costumes. It’s just no good. We’re all a little on edge. Some of these costumes are utterly unsettling. We can’t even decide what’s so scary about them. Is it their spooky makeup? Their garish, baggy clothing? Most likely it’s the wild hair and the receding hairline. With all this clowning around, we’ve noticed our work has been making its way into our nightmares. And we’ve made a decision. Until we’ve gone through clowns and we’re moving on to construction workers, we’re not going to sleep. So yeah, how about another cup of coffee?Product DetailsAre you ready to become sure-fire nightmare material? This eerie wig is sure to make people shiver as soon as you walk in the room. The lightweight peach-tone front has wrinkles painted on the surface to make them look like your skin. The hairline is framed in wild, curly red hair that’ll stand out in any crowd. Pair it with any of our clown costumes to create a costume straight out of your nightmares. 

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