Cosmic Fuchsia Wig for Women


Look out of this world in this brightly colored Cosmic Fuchsia Wig for Women! This Cosmic Fuchsia Wig for Women is a must have accessory for any alien or outer space themed costume.

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Cosmically YouAt HalloweenCostumes, we’re all about being authentically you. If that means wearing a different costume every day of the year, go for it! We highly encourage that lifestyle. Of course, your authentic self might be even more out there. You could identify as a cosmic being—aren’t we all—from a galaxy without a name. In that galaxy, nylon and metal may be more common in garment-making than cotton or polyester. You may be required, or at least expected, to keep your hair color natural, natural being neon shades of our favorite color crayons.  If that’s the case, let us help you show off your out-of-this-world personality and style without risking the health of your scalp!Design & DetailsThis Adult Cosmic Fuchsia Wig is the perfect addition to your collection! After all, acquiring that level of fluorescence can be damaging to your natural roots. But with this exclusive accessory, you can go from darkest black, deep brown, or even dusty blonde to vibrant pink in seconds. Just fit the wig over your own flowing locks, and you’ll be ready to show off that intergalactic personality with which you were born!For Every BeingWhether you’re alien, popstar, or just in love with the color pink, this eye-catching accessory is for you! Complete your Halloween costumes and stage looks, or switch up your everyday appearance with our Adult Cosmic Fuchsia Wig.

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