Collar and Shackles


Have yourself all chained up when you add this Collar and Shackles as a costume accessory. This Collar and Shackles make a perfect costume accessory addition for a zombie or prisoner themed costumes.

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Hopeless WandererDon’t just be another Zombie randomly roaming around this Halloween. With this Shackles and Collar accessory, you can be guided from one costume party to the next. Maybe a stranger had found you and decided they wanted a zombie pet. Perhaps a loved one couldn’t stand to be without you, even though you had been transformed into a hideous undead monster. Whatever the reason for the Shackle and Collar, this accessory will definitely help you stand out from the hoards of zombies wandering the streets this coming Halloween. Create your very own zombie costume and complete it when you make this Shackles and Collar the final addition.Product DetailsThis leash is constructed of molded plastic. There are a ton of details put into the chains and collar making them appear to be very realistic. The collar is made in one size. There should be a wide enough opening for just about anyone to easily slide the collar over their head and around their neck.Is It a Rescue?No longer do you have to wander around aimlessly. You may be undead but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Have a friend take you in and guide you around the Halloween parties with this Zombie Leash accessory.

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