CLUE Revolver Weapon


Put together a classic board game costume this Halloween with our exclusive CLUE Revolver Weapon! This costume accessory is perfect for fans of mystery.

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The Smoking Gun John Body has been found murdered! He was shot through the chest with a revolver. Whose weapon could have done the foul deed? Was it Colonel Mustard? He does have a fondness for handguns after having served in some military or other. Could it have been Mrs. Peacock? That sneaky widow could be hiding anything inside those feather-embellished sleeves. There are too many suspects! This is a job for a true detective. Product DetailsMake sure you wipe any incriminating fingerprints off of this this officially licensed CLUE Revolver Weapon Costume Accessory! The exclusive faux revolver is made of durable plastic and designed to look like an antique, weathered handgun.Track Down the SuspectTo commit the perfect crime, you need the perfect (albeit harmless) weapon! Conceal it in your costume or stow it in the dining room or study until you have need of its services. 

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