Clown Mask Crazy Jack


You can terrorize the streets of Gotham in this Crazy Jack Clown Mask. This creepy mask is reminiscent of one of film’s most famous clown villains.

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What’s he Hiding?Bring in the Clowns! They are always surrounded by balloons, laughter, and good times! Who doesn’t love a clown?!? Well, we might not love this clown … the Crazy Jack Clown Mask might bring more than balloons, laughter, and good times to the party—he might be hiding something more sinister behind that ear-to-ear grin and grouchy-green hair. We’re guessing those menacing blue diamonds covering his eyes don’t help to sell any cheery disposition.Product DetailsThis Crazy Jack Clown Mask is made of molded latex and comes with the eerie face paints already applied so there’s no mess and no fuss! The faux shadowy green hair on the top and sides of the mask add a wonderfully spooky vibe to an already frightening look. The eye slits allow for plenty of visibility in seeing the next victim.Keep Smiling!If you are looking to make a real impression at the next Halloween gathering, work party, or even jury duty, the Crazy Jack Clown Mask is the right mask for you. Add a jumpsuit, school uniform, business suit, or even business casual—it doesn’t matter! Add this mask to any outfit and VOILA, you have the perfect costume!

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