Clockwork Cult Costume for Women


Get dressed for some ultra-violence in this Women’s Clockwork Cult Costume. You’ll look like you’re straight out of the movie. But, if you get carried away, don’t be surprised if you wake up in the hospital.

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A Unique OutfitOy! Appy polly loggies (our apologies), droog (friend), we didn’t see you there. We were running from dva bruiseboys (two police officers) and we’re sorry for bumping into ya! We were just having a little droogie (friendly) dratsing (fighting), and they had to go and try to crack it (break it up). We weren’t hurting anyone… much! It was only because that one baboochka (old woman) saw it and started creeching (screaming). It was just a harmless little eegra (game), but now we’ve got to run, skorry (quickly), or the rozz (police) will throw us in the stripey hole (prison).If you could understand the above paragraph without our handy dandy translation, then you’re probably the type of person who would enjoy this Women’s Clockwork Cult Costume. While we wouldn’t suggest wearing it anywhere other than a costume party, since it’s not exactly normal streetwear, you’ll definitely catch everyone’s attention when you show up to the next party in this one-of-a-kind costume! Every costume party will inevitably have repeats of a few pop culture references, like the Joker or a black cat, but with this costume, we can almost guarantee you will be the only one there dressed like you are!Product DetailsStand out with this Women’s Clockwork Cult Costume. The white, long-sleeved long johns are 100 percent polyster and include built-in tan underwear (or should we say neezhnies?). There are also white suspenders attached to the front. If you’re feeling really extravagent, you can add a black bowler hat and a black cane to really complete the ensemble. Maybe even some face paint… Who knows?Something You Don’t See Every DayThis outfit is something you definitely don’t see every day, so you’ll definitely make an impression at your next costume party. If you can master the lingo, that’s just a bonus.

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