Classic Plus Size Storybook Lion Costume


Get on your wild side with the Plus Size Classic Storybook Lion Costume! Made by us, the mane and suit will keep you warm and stylish this Halloween season.

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Tail as Old As TimeOnce upon a time, there lived a kind of lion that only existed in storybooks. Despite being a mighty, magnificent creature, he was also a benevolent soul, happy to allow the spotted deer and fuzzy bunny rabbits hop peacefully along in his footsteps. He was a popular ruler amongst the forest animals since he kept the carnage to a minimum. As for the ladies, let’s just say that to them he was the King of the Beasts!As awesome as this cat was, history shows that they were a pretty scarce breed. When you’re a carnivore, it’s kind of hard to live without, you know, eating your forest companions. Other lions tried to gain his popularity by imitating him, but they could only frolic with the deer and rabbits for so long before making the sunny meadow look like a scene from Saw. Eventually, the Storybook Lion went extinct. The good news is that here at, we’ve resurrected this beloved beast’s look so that you too can be the stuff of legends!Product DescriptionWhen you wear you Classic Storybook Lion Costume, people will be telling stories about your creative outfit for years to come! This super-soft plush jumpsuit is a nod to both your wild side and your sensitive nature. The faux fur mane is the perfect landing pad for bluebirds and butterflies. The pair of matching gloves and foot covers complete the look!The Mane EventPut your paws together for the Classic Storybook Lion! Everyone’s favorite feline is back on the prowl, ready to win hearts with his majestic huggability!

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