Classic Plus Size Flintstones Wilma Costume


Become the red-headed beauty and wife of Fred in this iconic Classic Flintstones Wilma Costume in Plus Size. Grab the hearts and attention of everyone!

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Redhead of Bedrock Folks have known since the beginning of time that redheads can have a fiery personality. Passionate folks that can make you laugh until you cry or tremble in the corner when they’re mad. When did all of those archetypical characteristics start, though? Perhaps in the early days of the sitcom with everyone’s iconic Lucy? Well, it turns out that it might have begun much earlier. We’re talking millions of years, in fact! All you need to do to prove the heritage of the redhead is zoom back in time and visit the Flintstones in Bedrock. You’ll know you’re getting close when you start hearing the loudmouth bellowing of Fred. But, who can temper that temper? Who can silence those screams? There’s only one gal in all of history that can control Fred Flintstone and that’s the redheaded wonder, Wilma! Design & DetailsGo back in time and bring all of your modern, fiery flair when you step into this officially licensed Classic Wilma Flintstone costume. Our Made by Us team consulted with dinosaurs and dishwashers (the animal variety, of course) to create this simple but iconic costume. The off-the-shoulder dress looks just like Wilma’s own, including the zig-zag hemline. A necklace of huge faux pearls and Wilma’s blazing wig brings the whole look together!

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