Classic Humpty Dumpty Toddler Costume


Bring your child’s favorite nursery rhyme to life with this exclusive Classic Humpty Dumpty Toddler Costume.

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Most bonding activities between parent and toddler involve, games, toys, and arts and crafts, but not if you ask the Dumpty’s. You know the Dumpty’s, don’t you? They’re the loving and friendly family of eggs who live in the nursery rhyme world and happen to swear that the best way to bond with your younging has to do climbing up the a great wall. Yea, we bet that you’re a little shell-shocked right now, but please allow us to explain Dumpty’s theory. The patriarch of the family, Humpty Dumpty, firmly believes that the best way to bond with your little one is to climb onto a large wall, peer over, and enjoy all the unrefined beauty that surrounds the both of you. Humpty assures us that although the activity might be a little dangerous, it also connects parents with their children while improving gross motor skills. Also, if you want to make the memorable activity even more meaningful, then why not dress up as the one and only Dumpty’s?This classic Humpty Dumpty toddler costume will transform little kids into a topsy-turvy nursery rhyme character who ends up getting put back together again by all the king’s men. The hooded tunic and striped pants change little kids into a well-dressed, top-hat wearing, bow tie-sporting egg! Don’t worry mom and dad, because we sell a version of this costume in adult sizes. Put them on and look for the wall that’s closest to you. We’ll make sure that all the king’s men are there before you two, just in case!  

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